Horror Loop

"Horror Loop" is the Twisted Universe's first PC game. It has an impressive and deep story. It is in the genres of Horror, Thriller, Adventure. Developed with the latest generation game engine.

To Infinity

"To Infinity" tells the adventures of a schizophrenic astronaut. The astronaut escapes from the world and goes to search for other planets where he can live with his spaceship, and in the meantime, he witnesses the epic view of the universe by constantly doing parkour.

Our mobile game "Savarog" is on sale. Being a horror game, Savarog contains puzzle, horror and suspense elements.

Our mobile game "Rule" is on sale. Rule, a horror game, has a deep story. A unique experience, well above mobile standards, awaits you.

"Tinagem", a mobile puzzle game, is on sale. Tinagem contains curiosity, suspense and puzzles.

The sequel of "Savarog", a high-graphic horror game, "Savarog 3" is out. Savarog 3 not only takes horror and tension to a higher level, but also offers a unique experience with its graphic level and story.

"The Mistake", a Horror-Thriller game, stays in your mind with its fast gameplay and chase.